Organizer: Shop

  1. There will only be 1 level of tournament: Shop level.
  2. This circuit will adopt an individual tournament format for all games.
  3. Each shop can only hold this special shop tournament once a week per game.

This circuit will run for 2 seasons

  1. Season 1: September to October 2020
  2. Season 2: November to December 2020
  3. The prizes per each shop league are as follows:
    • 1st Place: 5 points
    • 2nd Place: 3 points
    • 3rd Place: 2 points
    • Participation: 1 point
  4. Points are all shop-locked (i.e. if a player wishes to participate in another shop tournament, his/her points will start from 0 for the new shop).
  5. At the end of the season, the prizes distributed to each shop will be as follows:
    • 1st Place with the highest accumulated points for that shop: 3 copies of a special foil PR card + Certificate
    • 2nd Place: 2 copies of a special foil PR card + Certificate
    • 3rd Place: 1 copies of a special foil PR card + Certificate (in addition to the participation PR card)
    • All players with 5 points and above: 1 Participation PR card

For more information on BSL check out

Participation PR (5 points or higher)


Winner PR (1st: 3 copies, 2nd: 2 copies, 3rd: 1 copy)