World Grand Prix 20202020-10-06T11:55:18+08:00

World Grand Prix is a special tournament series for Bushiroad Japan. Join in on the fun by being the best national player for 2020 in Cardfight!! Vanguard (Jap) Standard or Weiss Schwarz. Find participating shops by clicking the logo below!

Weiss Schwarz
Tournament Structure2020-09-17T17:48:21+08:00

There will be 2 levels of the tournament:

  1. Shop tournament
  2. WGP MY Championship (Invitations only)
Shop Tournament2020-10-09T16:48:28+08:00

Organizer: Shop
1. Each shop can only hold this special shop tournament once per game.
2. Number of players: Based on Shop capacity
3. Registration: Players are advised to pre-register to secure their slots
4. Entry Fee: Subject to Shops discretion
5. Rewards:
Champions: Invitation to WGP Malaysia Finals 2020
*Each player can only win 1 invitation to WGP Malaysia Finals 2020, in the event that the top player for a shop qualifier already has an invitation, the invitation will be passed down to the next player in ranking.

Participation: 1 entry PR (9 designs)

Cardfight!! Vanguard Participation PR (1 out of 9 per entry)

Weiss Schwarz Participation PR (1 out of 9 per entry)

Cardfight!! Vanguard Standard Invitation to Nationals
If the number of participants are:
15 players below , Top 1 player will represent the shop
16 players above , Top 2 player will represent the shop
*if a player is already a shop representative and win in another shop, the player will automatically forfeit the 2nd invitation.

Weiss Schwarz Invitation to Nationals
Little Akiba – 3 Player
Toysbar – 3 player
Korindou – 1 Player
Anime Index – 1 Player
*if a player is already a shop representative and win in another shop, the player will automatically forfeit the 2nd invitation.

WGP MY 2020 Championship2020-10-09T16:50:42+08:00

Organizer: Engkodok Games

  1. Number of players: Limited to invitations from each shop
  2. Registration: RSVP
  3. Entry Fee: Free
  4. Prizes for WGP MY 2020 will be announced soon.

Weiss Schwarz WGP 2020 Participation PR (1 out of 6 per participation)

Terms and Conditions2020-09-25T15:34:15+08:00


  1. All players with citizenship/permanent resident or student/work visa may participate in their Regional qualifier. (ID check might be requested for top 8 players)
  2. There is no age limit to participate in this tournament.

Decks and Eligibility

  1. All Japanese version cards released and distributed before the tournament date can be used.
  2. Cards released on the tournament day cannot be used.
  3. It is mandatory to register the deck (submit the deck list) upon tournament registration.
  4. Discrepancies between the decklist and actual deck used in the tournament may result in a penalty.
  5. A player must use the same deck throughout a tournament. No switching of cards is permitted in between games within a tournament, except for the situations specified in the Sideboard Ruling.
  6. Fighters are required to use opaque card sleeves so that the back of cards cannot be easily distinguished. Sleeves used within each deck have to be of the same design, except for Imaginary Gift markers & G decks (if any)
  7. Please also refer to the latest Japanese version tournament rules at:

Tournament Regulations

  1. Individual, Clan Fight regulation Tournament structure may differ depending on your region, an announcement will be made at each tournament venue.
  2. 25 min/round.
  3. Round Time-up:
    1. Until Top 16: time-up is counted as a loss for both parties. The judge can decide to give extra time in case of lost time during a round.
    2. Top 16 to Top 4: Extra turn according to the following rules:
      • Players must stop playing when time is up (even in the middle of their turn) and call the judge.
      • After Judge approval, players resume their play (only one turn each).
      • In case a winner cannot be designated after the above 2 extra turns, the fighter with the higher damages loses the round.
      • In case damages are still equal, the match continues until a player gets 1 damage.
    3. From Top 4: no time limit. In case both players lose the game at the same time, the player who has the turn will lose.

Items to bring

  1. Please bring your ID to the venue.
  2. Please always bring your own writing materials such as a ballpoint pen.
  3. Players must complete the Deck Registration Form and submit the decklist during registration or complete your deck submission through CL2U
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